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Having received numerous treatments from reflexologists who had trained in the ART technique, and been amazed by the experience, I booked my place on Hagar's course with very high expectations. These were not only met, but exceeded. Hagar's relaxed manner, depth of knowledge and fun way of teaching meant that weekend ART course was everything I had hoped it would be and more.

Having worked a standard method of reflexology for seven years, the ART techniques have opened up an entirely new way of working for me. Since putting the techniques in to practice, my long-term clients have all remarked on how much they like my new style, and confirmed what a positive effect it has had on their health and sense of well-being. Most importantly for me, however, is the fact that Hagar has given me the confidence to follow my instincts when working, something that I believe to be fundamental in offering a fully rounded treatment.

I could not recommend Hagar highly enough, and can't wait for my next course. Well worth leaving the Mediterranean for!

Benjamin Milton, Malta

I would highly recommend the ART training courses that Hagar Basis is currently running in London. I attended the 2 day one at this weekend at the Columbia Hotel and it was fantastic. Great for expanding your techniques, accessing the acupressure points on the feet and going a bit deeper into some of the reflex points and zones. Have bought the book and DVD and can't wait to get practising on some feet!

Rachel Oakley,Wetherby West Yorkshire

"I waited for nearly a year so that I could get onto a course taught by Hagar. I am really glad that I did as Hagar is an extremely experienced practitioner and tutor. I found the physiology and anatomy part of the course was taught clearly, divided into body systems and we were also given useful handouts during each session to back up our learning.

The practical demonstrations were always broken down into smaller parts so that we could learn at a manageable pace. Hagar teaches to a very high standard so that all her students are at a competent level to practice. I know that I lacked confidence at the beginning of the course but this really developed during my training.

I found Hagar to be very patient, caring and an approachable tutor, with a great sense of humour which I think always helps to create a happy learning environment! I really liked the way we were always given plenty of time to practice while knowing Hagar (and her assistant Eileen) observed us and were on hand to answer our questions, provide further demonstrations and give feedback on our technique as we needed it. I would really recommend Hagar's courses, I and am already looking forward to doing my ART course taught by her next year! Thanks Hagar!"

Sue Turner, Chessington

"The knowledge I drew from my teacher, Hagar Basis, during my training gave me the confidence and skills that I could immediately incorporate into my practice.

Hagar was so passionate and dedicated, organized and helpful in giving hands on experience. I was immediately impressed by her teaching method of reflexology, which was fun and easy to learn. I highly recommend studying with Hagar Basis and I will definitely return for her advanced techniques and other continuing education classes to stay in the forefront of professional reflexology."

Chrysanthi Avloniti, London

"I would recommend Reflexology Academy to anyone looking for a reflexology course. I found all the tutors to be encouraging and supportive and gained thorough knowledge of the subject".

Tamao Kunimoto, St.Albans

"Hagar made learning fun during my year long practitioner training course. I didn't think when I started that I would have the ability to retain all the information needed, but with her support I passed! Her relaxed approach gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. I am now a qualified reflexologist".

Wendy French, Basingstoke

"I was lucky to have Hagar as my teacher. She genuinely cares about her students. Always very professional, with huge knowledge and experience, she made the course extremely interesting and but also fun. I loved it. "

Ela Kucharska, London

"Hagar Basis is an inspirational teacher; she assists every student allowing them to become confident and professional combining her enthusiasm and energy in this exceptional and powerful method of healing."

Michelle Lodge, Spain