HOLONOMICHolonomic Reflexology
Uniting polarity and reflexology

This course has now been cancelled 

3 Day Course presented by Phil Young and Morag Campbell

Date: 11th , 12th & 13th October 2019
Course Fee: £395* (includes Holonomic Reflexology Book)

Holonomic Reflexology is an energy based approach to Reflexology and an Integrated Whole Body Approach from Polarity Therapy. Its focus is on the vital energy that is the matrix of life itself.

Holonomic Reflexology goes beyond the standard idea of foot and hand reflexes into the realm of a whole body of correspondences set up through sacred geometry, astrological influences and the doctrine of signatures, all sustained by energetic vibration. 


Holonomic Reflexology provides a new perspective on the many reflex maps in Polarity Therapy, offering a true "Sacred Cartography" of the human body. It involves working with conscious touch to connect a rich complex of reflexes that can unlock deep holding in the mind and body, enabling the restoration of health.

  • For the Reflexology therapist, this seminar will introduce a new perspective on reflexes that can be incorporated into any existing practice. 
  • For the Polarity Therapist, this seminar will re-ignite their enthusiasm for the practice of Polarity Therapy as a whole-body system of Reflexology.
  • For all bodywork therapists, the perspectives which will be outlined will inform, clarify and inspire a new appreciation for the rich tapestry of correspondences that exist all over the body.

In Module 1

  • We will explore the concept of energy, consciousness, awareness and the significance of three- dimensional perception
  • Why Holonomic and not Holographic
  • The hidden history of Reflexology
  • The key concepts of proportionality, translation, reflection and correspondence

You will learn how to:

  • Establish the framework of a Holonomic session
  • Pulse energy between two points to establish rhythm and harmony (coherence and standing waves)
  • Work with three-dimensional conscious touch

This is a unique opportunity to learn from Master teachers the profound healing art of Holonomic Reflexology

phil and moragPhil Young and Morag Campbell are International Polarity Educators and authors. They are lively and interesting presenters who give freely of their knowledge and expertise.

You can learn more about Phil and Morag by visiting their website www.masterworksinternational.com  

Venue: Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS




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