Introduction to Osteopathic Reflexology® online training

Fascia and the Foot - Connection to our Health with Florence Cohen

Introduction to osteopathic reflexology® online training

Online Course Date: Friday 12th & Saturday 13th November 2021

  • Course Times: 2.00pm to 6.00pm UK time on both days

  • Course Fee: £175.00* ( Limited class size to maximum of 16 Participants)

This is an online two-day (4 hours each day) introduction to Osteopathic Reflexology® Approach (ORA)

This training serves as an optional online Foundation course for the 3 Day Osteopathic Reflexology® Approach. Participants who join this online training are entitled to a £40.00 discount on the 3 Day ORA course scheduled to take place in London on the 25th , 26th & 27th February 2022.

The first day will be theory based with time for questions at the end. The second day is the practical part of the course with explanations of the techniques and the practice of ORA. Participants are advised to have a massage table or similar with a volunteer client for the practice of the techniques.

There will be a break structured into the day as well as adequate time given for participants to practice each technique. The video footage that will be shown during the course is of professional grade. Florence will speak live simultaneously in English over the images, pausing whenever needed to insist on certain technical points. In total 9 techniques will be explained and demonstrated, there are close-ups of all techniques from all the angles.


Join us to look at the body from a completely different angle and enjoy the incredible results.

Welcome to this new paradigm.

Day 1 - The Theory

  • 1. FASCIA, an introduction to our organ of absolute connection, which is also our anti-gravity system, the regulator of our movements, distributes essential liquids in our bodies, and is determinant in our ability to be and stay healthy.
  • 2. FEET, why is there a self-regulating system of our health in our lower extremities? Is it just the feet, or the lower legs as well? Does it use fascia to regulate? Is there more to it? Answering these questions allows us to design better techniques working from the lower extremities to release, to free, and to redistribute the excessive concentration of forces in the fascial web that lead to pain and illness.

Day 2 - The Practical

  • 1. Techniques that improve greatly the mobility and therefore the coordination of movement between and among the metatarsal and tarsal bones and the reasons why this is crucial.
  • 2. Leg techniques to speed up the redistribution of forces in the upper body.
  • 3. Working the different levels of fascia of the distal metatarsal heads (aka the diaphragm in reflexology), a pivotal area of the foot when it comes to human propulsion while walking, greatly responsible for our degree of “bounciness” (which is directly correlated to our health condition) and for how we distribute our weight, which in turn affects how we breathe, and much more...
  • Students will be sent by email the course manual with the pictures of all the techniques along with articles on fascia research.
  • The course will be recorded and uploaded after, so participants can access it for a few days following the course.
To summarise the content of the course will include:

Understand all the aspects of FASCIA, i.e. the tissues you touch in any manual therapy Understand why and how FASCIA is instrumental in the development of illness and the maintenance of good health

Understand the selfregulating mechanism located in the feet and how, by interacting with fascia from the extremities, we can tap into that regulation of our health, sometimes at speeds that defy what we thought we knew was possible.   Introduction to and practice of some crucial basic techniques of Osteopathic  Reflexology®. 

To book onto this online course please send an email through the Contact Form and specify Osteopathic Online Course.

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