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Reflexology Academy Courses

The Reflexology Academy team of educators provide quality training courses for the beginner and qualified professional alike. All our tutors are in long term established practice and contribute a wealth of clinical experience to the learning and development of students.

We are passionate about reflexology and Reflexology Academy ensures the highest level of comprehensive instruction in the skills and techniques required for professional reflexology practice. These techniques form the foundation of the therapy and provide students with the valuable tools and confidence needed to go on to become successful reflexologists.

In addition to the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology , Reflexology Academy offers inspiring CPD courses and a vibrant events programme, which regularly hosts highly regarded and notable speakers from overseas.

Reflexology Academy's founder and principal tutor, Hagar Basis, recieved  the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) special award, in recognition for her significant contribution to Reflexology in the field of education in 2017.

Please click on each of the courses below for further information including booking details, course dates and fees.

Reflexology Practitioner Training Course

Our Reflexology Training Course qualifies students to a professional practitioner level. The course is made up of 11 separate training modules, approximately 1 weekend per month spread over one year (22 days in total). No previous experience is necessary as the course is structured in such a way as to teach all students to a professional practitioner standard.  The Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology is made up of  a suite of units that are entirely reflexology based and aimed at producing confident professional and highly skilled reflexologists.

Once graduated our students have the ability to go on and practice in both the private and public sector as clinical reflexologists. Our graduates will be awarded with the Reflexology Academy Diploma and be eligible to join as a full member of CHNC, Complementary Health Professionals CHP, and Professional Reflexology. The qualification is recognized by major insurance companies, the NHS and The Reflexology Forum. Reflexology Academy offers the  highest grade of professional reflexology training in the UK and Reflexology Academy are the only providers of this course.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)is the essential part of every qualified reflexologist's on-going training. CPD courses presented by Hagar Basis and other notable guest reflexology educators provide up to date relevant post graduate training as follows:

Orthopedic Reflexology Course

Presented by Spiros Dimitrakoulas, international renowned reflexologist and educator, former president of the Hellenic Association of Reflexology and Chair of Reflexology in Europe Nexus RiEN.

This three day course Orthopedic Reflexology will teach the theory and practical approaches of Hippocrates and Galen's guide on the effects of "rubbing" – Anatripsis; it introduces the four meridians of Hippocrates, Orthopedic reflexology maps, effective manipulation of the feet, understanding pain and a deeper exploration of the history and origin of reflexology.

Online Training: Osteopathic Reflexology

The Importance of Feet in the Fascial System Online Masterclass

Florence Cohen is the founder of the Osteopathic Reflexology Approach® and specialises in releasing fascia thoughout the entire body from the lower limbs (feet and lower legs). Many of Florence's  techniques are unique worldwide: the intraosseous fascia release techniques, the “fascial twister” unwinding techniques and the periosteum release techniques. This online masterclass  will help you to understand all the aspects of FASCIA, i.e. the tissues you touch in any manual therapy. Understand why and how FASCIA is instrumental in the development of illness and the maintenance of good health. Understand the selfregulating mechanism located in the feet and how, by interacting with fascia from the extremities, we can tap into that regulation of our health, sometimes at speeds that defy what we thought we knew was possible.  


Reflexology For Women's Health

This is a two day hands on practical workshop Reflexology For Women's Health provides Reflexologists with the necessary tools and techniques to apply during the powerful and transforming processes unique in all stages of a woman's life. Menstruation, fertility; through to the onset of menopause and including the development of female sexuality, are naturally intense internal physical and psychological experiences unique to women. 

Hagar's 30 years of practical experience as a practitioner and reflexology educator and has enabled her to adapt, refine  and develop the skills and techniques to enhance their  therapeutic effectiveness. Hagar teaches a bi-manual integrated approach to working the reflexes. On completion of the 2 full days all participants will receive a special Reflexology Academy CPD Certificate.

Reflexology For Stress

Reflexology For Stress Workshop

During the 2-day workshop Reflexology For Stress we will learn specific restorative reflexology techniques and approaches to combat stress, its related disorders, and to help initiate bodymind equilibrium. The reflexology practice will encourage our awareness back into the body, highlighting the importance of being centred (grounded).

This hands-on practical workshop with Hagar Basis will teach a specific bi-manual integrated approach to working the reflexes, enhancing your reflexology practice through experiential learning.

Osteopathic Reflexology Approach

Osteopathic Reflexology™ is a new manual therapy drawing its inspiration from Reflexology, Osteopathy, Fasciology (the scientific study of Fascia), as well as other disciplines such as Acupuncture and Physics. 

Florence Cohen is the creator of Osteopathic Reflexology, and has developed over 70  fascial release techniques from the extremities. Osteopathic principles as well as the most recent discoveries regarding fascia are incorporated to a reflexology basis for immediate to fast full body fascial release.

Hanne Marquardt

Reflexotherapy of the Feet with Hanne Marquardt

Hanne Marquardt, world leading pioneer and teacher of reflexology will be presenting her 'Reflexotherapy of the Feet' (RTF) part I and part II , two day training seminars. During Hanne's lifetime she developed and refined Reflexology, and thanks to her efforts, this health modality has become widely known in Europe.

Born in 1933 in Germany, Hanne trained as a State Registered Nurse in England, Naturopath, experienced reflexologist, has been training therapists in Reflexotherapy of the Feet in the main school for RFT in Königsfeld-Burgberg, in Germany for over 50 years.

As of today, over 15 training centers have been established in Germany and abroad. She lectures on Reflexotherapy of the Feet all around the world. These course events are not to be missed